Debris found in Texas

People in Texas town find bits of debris
By: Associated Press

(Nacogdoches, Texas-AP) -- People in an East Texas town think they've found pieces of space shuttle "Columbia," which apparently broke up this morning on its way to landing.

Residents in Nacogdoches say they've found debris strewn across their town, including machinery and pieces of metal.

A local barber says "It's all over Nacogdoches." James Milford says he's seen pieces of debris that are about three feet wide, along with smaller pieces and parts of machinery.

Dentist Jeff Hancock says a foot-long piece of metal came through the roof of his office.

A local police spokesman says there have been several reports of falling debris in the city, which is about 135 miles northeast of Houston.

Emergency crews are being sent to the sites of the reported debris.

Officials are also warning people not to touch the debris, because there could be toxic substances in it.

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