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Water Jet: Does it Work?

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By Lauren Keith - bio | email

It's perfect weather right now to do some fall cleaning...sprucing up your home outside and in.

A lot of you must be doing that...your power-washing the mold off the siding of your houses and more.

You're also requesting Lauren try the Water Jet before you buy it.

However, she tested it for you last fall, but with it being advertised once again heavily on TV, here's a reminder of how this product works.

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - Water Jet promises it will turn your ordinary garden hose into a full-fledged pressure washer, but Does it Work?  Chris Martin of Scott City hopes so.

"A lot of times when it rains at our house, it comes down over a hill and all the water rushes down and leaves a trail of mud down my sidewalk. If this works, it would be quite handy in cleaning up the mess," says Chris.

We attach the Water jet to Chris's hose.  We use the "jet-tip" to hopefully blast the dirt off her sidewalk.  Right away, the Water Jet cuts right through the dirt.  You can even see the trail where it hits.  Chris says this works much better than her regular hose.

"Yeah, it's really popping it up," she says.

Next, Chris changes out the attachment and screws on what's called the "fan end."  We think it will work great for cleaning her husband's truck.  First though-- I give the product makers a "thumbs up" right away for leaving a place on the water jet nozzle to attach the end you're not using.

"This way you don't lose it!" explains Chris.

However, it's thumbs down for the fan attachment.  It's really no more than a fine mist and not enough to really clean the wheel wells, for example.  It might take off the top layer of dirt though.

"It's doing ok, but not great.  I'd use this to water my plants though," she says.

Next, we head to the back of Chris and Troy Martin's home, where they purposely left some mold on their siding for us to test.

"The commercial says the fan attachment works wonders on mold on the siding of your home, but now, I'm not too sure," predicts Chris.

We get it going and the mold's not really budging.  When we switch out the attachment and use the more powerful "jet tip," Troy really has to get right on top of the mold to remove it.

"It's not really doing well. It's taking a little bit off," says Troy.

Plus, it would take forever to finish this job.  A true power washer would be better here.  Still,  the Water Jet resurges when we head to the deck.

The "jet attachment" pushes the dog hair and dirt caught in the cracks right out to the sidewalk, leaving the Martins' very pleased, just like they were when this attachment cleaned the sidewalk in this way.  Still, they won't forget the poor performance on the siding of their home.

"I'm disappointed in some aspects," says Chris.

She's still buy the $30 device.  ($20 product with $10 shipping and handling)

"This has a little more pressure but not as much a pressure washer.  This is more convenient, especially for women like me who don't want to drag out the pressure washer," she says. 

A power washer still works better; the Water Jet is more convenient though.  Remember, it's really only a light mist with one of the attachments.  So, you decide if it's a "must-have" in your home.

In all, the Water Jet blasts a good grade 'B minus' on this Does it Work test.  I bought it online at www.buywaterjet.com.

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