A Duck Tale

A Duck Tale
By: Wes Wallace

(Cherry Lake, IL)--A few days ago, Vanessa Fleming heard a knock at the door of her Cherry Lake home. She looked out the window, didn't see anyone, and thought nothing of it.
A few minutes later there was tap, tap, tapping at the door once again. This time Fleming opened it, looked around, saw nothing in front of her...but when she gazed down, there sat a Mallard duck!
With the door slightly cracked, the duck waddled inside, and made itself at home. Fleming and her family soon noticed it was a lame duck, because it favored it's right leg and wing.
After talking with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Vanessa Fleming and her husband turned to duck over to Beverly Shofstaff, who runs Free Again, an animal rehabilitation center in Williamson County.
Several days later, the lucky duck is in much better shape, and will soon be returned to his home near Cherry Lake.