Police Officer Dragged by Repeat Offender

Police Officer Dragged by Repeat Offender
By: Ryan Tate

(Mayfield, KY)--Detective Captain Steve Headley has no feeling on right side. His arm is in a sling. His life almost ended. He says its part of his job.
Headley was dragged 25 feet Wednesday night after a routine stop on suspicion of drugs. Johnny Elliot of Mayfield is in the Graves County Jail on five charges, including attempted murder.
"Seeing the bottom of the truck that's when my mind says turn loose of the truck. But I also realize if I turn loose, I hope to God he doesn't turn to the right," Headley said.
Headley and Detective Brent Farmer were on surveillance when they spotted Elliot in a possible drug deal. They followed Elliot's truck, pulled him over and began walking up to the door. A passenger then jumped out of the truck and screamed, "He has drugs, he will run."
Headley says he saw Elliot reach for something, tried to get into the truck, and was dragged when Elliot hit the accelerator. Elliot then led police from four Kentucky Departments on a high speed chase into Marshall County. More than twelve squad cars were involved in the chase.
Captain Headley sought medical treatment. Doctors have not determined if he will need rehabilitation or surgery to improve his condition.