Easter Egg Chickens Lay Pastel Eggs



Easter Egg Chickens Lay Pastel Eggs
By: Amy Jacquin

(Oak Ridge)--"Green Eggs and Ham" is more than a Dr Suess book.  At lest the "Green Eggs" part.  Green, blue, even pink -- not all chickens lay white or brown eggs!  Actually, some varieties can be quite beautiful.

Tina Terry collects Easter Eggs. And Amy Jacquin is not "egg"zagerating! It's a feat that makes Peter Rabbit jealous -- but word about one Cape Girardeau County  coop is some of her hens lay pastel blue, green or pinkish eggs!

"I wanted the pastel eggs!" laughed Tina Terry, who lives near Oak Ridge. "Hey, if you're going to have chickens, you might as well have fun! And I like the looks of the chickens, too, over the others."

Several Araucana chickens mix among her "normal" breeds. But they look a little different... the Araucanas have no tail, and extra tufts of feathers around their neck. And these incredible birds lay edible eggs.  A pastel egg tastes the same as any other egg. But here's an interesting note -- one recent study out of the University of Florida says Araucana eggs may actually have more cholesterol and less protein than white eggs.

"The little ones like them because they look like Easter Eggs!" says Tina.

Also dubbed "Easter Eggers," Araucanas surprise you with lightly colored eggs. But, hey, they have to do something special if they want to compete with the Peacocks!

"Oh, they're like little kids," explains Tina.  "You throw out scraps, and they fight over them, just like kids!"

Tina never "egg"xactly knows what she's going to get... but that's part of the fun. So the moral of this story is -- you can't judge an egg by it's color.