Could Human Remains Belong to Missing Bernie Woman?



Could Human Remains Belong to Missing Bernie Woman?
Kate Scott

(Puxico, MO)--Some folks in one Heartland town are hoping that the discovery of a human skeleton will help solve the mystery of a missing woman.
A Puxico man was out looking for deer antlers Tuesday afternoon when he came across the skeleton near a Stoddard County creek bed.  Investigators have sent the remains to a pathology lab in Farmington to determine the age, sex and race.
Meanwhile, friends of a Stoddard County woman who disappeared back in August are wondering if the remains could belong to her.  No one has seen 50-year old Claudia Sneed since August 31st, when she just seemed to vanish into thin air.  The Bernie resident left behind all her clothes, her prescriptions, and even her eleven-year old daughter.  Investigators searched for weeks without turning up any solid clues.  At one point, Sneed's family even brought in a psychic to try to find her, but that didn't bring any luck either.
Now, five months later, Sneed’s friends and neighbors say they haven’t forgotten her.  Many are hopeful that the Puxico remains will be identified as hers, so they can finally put this mystery to rest.
“We all wonder what happened to her,” says friend Norma Jaques.  “I hope it is her, so things can be resolved and we can quit wondering where she’s at.  And I hope that whoever did this will be caught.”
The Stoddard County Sheriff's Department does have a sample of Sneed’s DNA.  It will be sent to St. Louis, along with the remains, for verification.  Results should be available in about two weeks.