Possible Tax Proposal

Elections are often won on them...but they're often broken after a politician takes office. Campaign promises aren't always kept, and some folks in Southern Illinois are watching to see if their newly elected governor will stick to his word. Less than a week after taking office, Governor Rod Blagojevich is considering a possible tax on certain services. After inheriting a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, Blagojevich says a service tax would help the massive money shortfall. At first, he wanted to tax things like haircuts, auto repairs, and dry cleaning, but is now focusing his plan toward landscaping, accounting services, and construction work. Regardless of what's taxed, a lot of folks in the Heartland are pointing back to the governor's pre-election promise to not raise taxes. For now, Blagojevich says he won't raise income or sales taxes to help the budget problem, but will still consider enacting a service tax.