Who's Afraid of a Little Cold Weather?

If you have a choice, chances are you’re staying indoors this weekend, to avoid freezing your fingers and toes.  But not everyone has that option.
“It's kind of a shock to your system when you first get out in this and you leave your warm bed,” describes Jess Bolen, one of the unlucky people who has to work outdoors in the frigid weather.  “As the day wears on and you start working and you start sweating, I want to say you kind of get used to it,” he smiles and shakes his head.  “But not really.”  Bolen spends anywhere from six to eight hours a day out in the elements as a Cape Girardeau mail carrier.  Most of that time he's out walking.  “It kind of numbs your fingers and your toes,” he says.  “But it has to be done.”
Terry Ludwig also delivers packages in the freezing cold, as a FedEx carrier.  But at least Ludwig gets to travel in his truck, with the doors closed!  “It's just a little bit too chilly to run with the doors open,” he laughs.
Speaking of running, there are even a few folks here in the Heartland who get out in the cold voluntarily!  “It's fun because it's so crisp and refreshing,” says Rachel Sprigg, a Cape Girardeau jogger.  Seven-year old Henry Smirl had another reason for being out on Friday afternoon.  “It’s cold, and I’m having fun sledding!” he told Heartland News.  He and his four-year old sister Ivy took turns flying down a hill on the SEMO campus, under the careful guidance of their mother.
Whether they're working or just playing, the brave souls who are actually going out in this frigid weather say that layering their clothing is the key to staying comfortable.  “You learn to wear layers,” Sprigg declares.  “I have three pairs of pants on and two shirts and gloves and earmuffs...” Rosy-cheeked Henry Smirl also claimed to be wearing several pairs of pants “and three shirts!”  And Ludwig, well he admitted to layering another article of clothing. “We wear a lot of insulated underwear whenever it comes to this kind of weather,” he told Heartland News.
If you're not up for those kinds of layers, like most of us, you can stay indoors and layer on the blankets, until this layer of snow disappears. 

For all kinds of tips on how to safely enjoy the outdoors in these kinds of temperatures, you can click on the following link.  http://members.tripod.com/~csxsafety/cold.htm