Iraqi Native Discusses Looming War

In the early 1980's Salah Shakir left Iraq, while most of his family and friends stayed behind. He now lives in Southern Illinois, and says Saddam Hussein's dictatorship regime forces the people of Iraq to live a horrible way of life.
 Shakir recently visited family in his native country, and says the big topic of discussion was the looming war with the US. Surprisingly, he explains that many Iraqi's welcome war, because it would hopefully overthrow Saddam, and bring about a much needed change. Shakir will speak next week at Rend Lake College in an open forum, to discuss his thoughts on Iraq.
Over the weekend, protest groups from across the country will march in Washington D.C., shouting their opposition to a war with Iraq. More than 50-people from the Heartland boarded a bus on Friday, headed to the nation's capital, to join in the march. This comes, just as more US troops also head out to be stationed around the Persian Gulf, in preparation for war.