Man Infects Girlfriend With HIV " Intentionally "

Police in Harrisburg have a warning for you. They say a man living in Carmi may have infected more people then just his Harrisburg girlfriend with HIV, on purpose.
Police say they still aren't sure if the woman has the disease. Tests have been done, but the results aren't back yet. But Police say they do know that 38-yr-old Floyd Gibson does have HIV, and he didn't tell his girlfriend about having the disease.
Even thought the two were consenting adults, police say Gibson had unprotected sex with the woman, and that's a crime. "Anytime you knowingly have HIV and you sexually transmit it to another person there's a charge for that. Whether or not the other person gets the disease or not. It's still criminal transmission of HIV, " says Officer Ron Crank of the Harrisburg Police Department.
Officer Crank says now that Gibson is off the streets, they're still worried about who may have been intimate with Gibson. "We want them to contact the health department or local police agency no matter where they are. This suspect is from the Peroria area and we don't know where all he's been. We know he's been in Carmi, that's where he was picked up on Tuesday evening. But we don't know if he's had any sex with anybody else," Officer Crank said.
Gibson is behind bars in the Saline County Detention Center, his bail is set at $50,000.00 dollars. He's been charged with Intentional Transmission of HIV, a charge that could put him behind bars for up to 14 years.