Accused Killer Admits to Pulling Trigger

The Heartland woman accused of killing Steven Jett Alexander County's former Assistant State's Attorney took the stand in her own defense Monday morning.
Sharonda Miller sat calmly answering questions from both the defense and prosecution about her relationship with Jett. Miller told the jury how she and Jett met while she was walking down a street in Carbondale. Miller said that was 3 years ago, within months of meeting, the two became lovers.

Miller said she and Jett smoked crack cocaine several times. But when she found out that Jett was having sex with other women while smoking crack, she ended their sexual relationship. Miller said they remained friends and she sold Jett crack frequently.

Then Miller told the jury about the events leading up to Jett's death. Miller said the two were sitting in Jett's Cambria apartment on the evening of March 17th, smoking crack, when Jett asked her to have sex with him. Miller said she refused, and they began to argue. Then Miller said Jett hit her in the face, and she hit him back. The scuffle awoke Miller's 4yr old daughter who had been sleeping in another room.
While getting her daughter back to sleep Miller said Jett apologized and the two began smoking crack again. Miller said Jett again began asking her to have sex with him, that's when she asked to borrow Jett's car to take her daughter to a friend's house in Carbondale. Miller told the jury that Jett agreed and gave her the keys, even giving her daughter milk and cookies for the ride.
But then Miller said she went back into Jett's home to call a friend, that's when Miller says Jett came at her from his kitchen with a gun in his hand. Miller said Jett grabbed her and broke her bra and the two began to struggle, eventually ending up in Jett's bedroom.
Miller said Jett was had pinned her down to the bed at one point with the gun in her face. Miller says when Jett layed the gun down beside her on the bed, she grabbed it and shot at Jett. Then Miller said she ran from the home, never looking back to see if Jett had been shot. Miller said she drove away with her daughter in Jett's car.
Closing arguments are scheduled to begin in the case Tuesday. Heartland News will be there and we'll bring you the jury's verdict.
If Sharonda Miller is found guilty of killing Steven Jett on March 18th 2002, she could be sentenced from 20-60 years in prison.