Prosecutors Death Mired in World of Sex, Drugs

Steven Jett prosecuted criminal cases in Alexander County Monday through Friday. But on the weekends Jett lived a life filled with crack cocaine, and exchanging sex for drugs.
Williamson County State's Attorney Charles Garnati presented the courtroom with Jett's phone records from the early morning hours when he was killed. The phone records showed that someone - Garnati says Sharonda Miller, - made numerous calls to people looking for drugs. Two of those people contacted from Jett's phone testified that Miller had called them, and eventually showed up at their homes. They then told the jury that they all smoked crack cocaine with Miller.
One witness told the court that she and Miller, along with Jett sat and smoked crack cocaine while her boyfriend worked on Jett's car.
Miller's mother Beatrice Miles tells Heartland News that her daughter told her about her final night with Jett. "He put her and her daughter in jeopardy and threatened that if she didn't do whatever he was demanding that she wasn't going to make it out of there. He accidentally laid the gun down while trying to handle what he wanted to do with her, so she grabbed it and she shot," says Miles.
Miller's mother says that her daughter relationship started out with Jett on a good note. "He purchased things for her like clothes, and took her places, even let her live with him and use his car. It was like a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. And all his peers knew about it," Miles said.
But Miles says Jett was more then just a weekend cocaine user. "Steven Jett was not a weekend drug user. He was a frequent drug user. Why are they sweeping stuff under the rug and trying to make my daughter look like the worst thing on earth," said Miles.
The State rested its case after forensic specialist told the court about the type of weapon used to kill Jett - a Firestar .40 caliber semi-automatic. And that Miller's clothes found in Jett's car and house were stained with Jett's blood.
Defense Attorney Larry Broking will present his clients story to the court on Monday morning.