1/10/03 - Log On Prescriptions

Your hectic lifestyle may make it hard for you to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription re-filled, but what if you could get it done by the click of a button? A group of Heartland doctors and pharmacists are making the task that easy. It's called http://www.webmedlink.com Patients, doctors and pharmacists who use it say it's an easier way to get prescriptions filled.

Patient Marla Housby says, "Once I started using it, I found it so easy and convenient and time consuming I decided to keep on using it." Housby takes four medications for fibromyalgia. She's always needing a prescription re-filled. Thanks to www.webmedlink.com she can do it without getting up from her computer. "I can also just click on the prescription I need refilled. I don't have to wait in line. I go pick it up and they'll deliver it to me," Housby says.

Here's how it works. When you log onto the website, you'll see different icons for physicians, patients, or pharmacy. After clicking on the patient logo, you have to put in a user id and password, from there you can put in your request for a prescription refill.
Participating physician Dr. Lori Moyers says, "It's good for the patient and good for the doctor. You're cutting out the middle man and cut down the margin of error because it's going straight to the pharmacist."
Pharmacy technician Angela McLean says, "Sometimes the phone lines you don't get through, it's busy and if you fax it may get lost." The website isn't just a source to ask for re-fills, but also a place where patients can ask for medical advice. "If you have a cold and you want to talk to a doctor say if you want to save yourself a doctor's visit, you can but you can only go through your doctor," Dr. Moyers says. A service Housby is glad she can use. "I don't have to wait to see the doctor, pay for a visit, it's time saving and convenient," she says.
The website is free, but it only applies to participating doctors and pharmacies. Ask your doctor if he or she is involved in the project.