How To Advertise on KFVS12

KFVS12 can sell your business' products or services throughout the Heartland like no other medium.  In fact, thousands of satisfied customers agree that KFVS12 is the sum of all the advertising alternatives.  Broadcast television reaches more people than any other medium.  The average household in the Heartland views more than seven hours per day and nine of ten adults watch broadcast television an average of four hours per day.  Seventy-five percent of all homes have multiple television sets.  A potential of nearly one million adults can watch the KFVS12 signal and these viewers are looking to do business with your company.

KFVS12 can work with any size advertising budget.  You don't have to have deep pockets to use the best advertising in the world.  KFVS12 blends sight, sound, color, motion and emotion to have the greatest impact on potential customers.  We can target your customers through strategic demographic planning.  Contact a KFVS12 account executive today to learn why KFVS12 is the sum of all the advertising alternatives.