Want To Know More About Commercial Production?

Making a commercial is easier than you think, in fact, for many of our advertisers it can be an exciting part of their marketing process.
Our award winning Creative Services Department can do the work for you. The department has four experienced commercial producers.  Creative Services Director Chuck Voss (see photo) has nearly 25 years of broadcast production experience.
Whether you have your own ideas or if you're in need of a creative hook, we'll bring your business to life using sight, sound, color, motion and emotion. With state of the art digital cameras, computer based editing systems,  the very latest computer graphic technology, and an award winning graphic designer, our Creative Services Department can provide advertisers with creative, attention getting commercials, all at a very affordable price.

If you have questions about commercial production, feel free to contact Chuck Voss, Creative Services Director at 573-335-1212, Extension #105 or e-mail Chuck .