Does it Work?: Touch 'n' Brush Toothpaste Dispenser

By Lauren Keith

(KFVS) -- Dozens of viewers requested I give the new Touch 'n' Brush automatic toothpaste dispenser a try on Does it Work Wednesday. The Boswell family of Scott City volunteered to help.

Simply apply the suction cups, stick in your favorite tube of paste, pop the top on, and get to brushing.
Sounds easy and all, but here's the reality. While the Touch 'n' brush does dispense the paste, it doesn't spread it. It gives the perfect amount for a small automatic toothbrush, but we could use a little more for your average toothbrush. I let the Boswell boys keep the Touch 'n' Brush for more a few weeks, and they're already close to just going back to the original way of brushing their teeth.
"At first it was fun to come in here and use it, but now, not so much," says 12 yr. old Dylan.
Mom, Carie, is not a fan, especially after the suction cups let loose, taking the paint with it!
"It pulled the paint off the wall--that wasn't so much fun. The new wore off pretty quickly. It's not like they claim on tv," she says.
Speaking of that..the big selling point here is the cleanliness factor. However, it looks like the mess is now in the dispenser itself! There's sticky goo all over it. Carie also makes a good point.
"The big mess with toothpaste is when they spit in the sink, and don't wash it out afterwards or the mess in the toothpaste drawer," she says.
"C minus," says Dylan.
"Had it not fallen off the wall it may have been a different story," says Mom.
"An 'F!" says five year-old Brett.
"I'm thinking more of a 'C." says Carie.
Let me add, if you buy this, prepare to wait awhile. It took five weeks for this product to finally arrive, with a total price tag close to $30. I say save your cash.
Also the morning I featured this on the Breakfast Show, it broke! I was simply assembling the product. I pressed down gently, and the button you press to dispense no longer works! Its plastic holders broke!  That's only the second time it's been assembled!
I'm going with the youngest Boswell boy, Brett. I now give the $30 Touch 'n' Brush a big failing grade 'F'.