12/16/02 - Tips for a Happier, Healthier Holiday

Christmas is less than ten days away and many of us find ourselves frantically searching for the perfect gifts. All that running can get you down, but checking all the things on your to do list may not be the only source of your holiday stress.
Tina Sadler works up to twelve hour days at Southeast Hospital. A mother of two she's always on the go, and things get even busier this time of year. "We're trying to get school stuff done before the end of the year," Sadler says. "I've got a three year old climbing the walls, on top of trying to do homework and get Christmas done, it gets busy."
You'll find overwhelmed moms like Sadler at the mall, running around buying for everyone on their lists. But is shopping the source of your holiday stress? Not exactly. Counselor Barb McKeon says, "Christmas time is a time when relationships are paramount. If you have any that are not real good, if you're wanting to keep a relationship or if there's a misunderstanding, this is the time to work them out." McKeon says working out relationships is key to beating stress, not time at the mall. "If we can talk things over, it's important I be here, and lets be here, and make sure our things click," she says.
Here are some tips on avoiding holiday stress. Get organized. Talk to your family about what they want to do. Mark things down on a calendar. And compromise with your loved ones so no one feels left out.
Believe it or not, there is such thing as positive stress. It keeps you energized and moving so you can get everything done.