Titan Peeler: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

MORELY, MO (KFVS) - In the commercial at least, it appears the Titan Peeler really does cut prep time in half, and we'll be serving up fresh veggies in no time. To see, I head to the Dent 'n' Save in Morley. It's not only a discount grocery, but also a full-service deli. The gals peel, slice, chop and serve meals from morning till dusk.

"And, I don't like peelers!" admits co-owner Cindy Gadberry.

Good! We have some tough testers ready to go. Cindy prefers a paring knife, and the other co-owner Valerie Dirnberger even brought her mother-in-law along to test. After all, as a farm wife and mother of 10, Monica Dirnberger has certainly peeled her share of fresh, homegrown produce!

"If anyone knows how to peel a potato it's a German like her from New Hamburg!" laughs Valerie.

Sure enough, in our first test Monica whizzed right by Valerie and Cindy. Monica used a classic peeler that's more than 25 years old. Cindy had a higher-end and newer peeler. Valerie had the Titan. Valerie also has a few knicks!

"It does cut nice and smooth, but you gotta watch your hand! You cannot peel away from you like the instructions say.  You do have to go towards you and using it on a cutting board doesn't work at all," she says.

Want more proof? I'm the second victim, and we've got a bleeder!

"Lauren, you just looked away for one second and look what happened!" laughs Valerie.

Yup, but nothing a bandage won't fix. Still, when using this don't try to go as fast as the guy on TV, and don't look away for one second---trust me. We think this product might need to change its claim to this:

"Speed, ease and blood!" laughs Valerie.

Still, the Titan redeems itself a bit when it helps Valerie peel an apple in no time.

"I liked it on the apple."

It also grated bits off a Hershey's bar, and would probably do better if this was actual baker's chocolate. However, it more or less shreds carrots insteads of peels them. Again, it didn't cut our prep time. Each time, the person using the classic peeler won the race.

"No, I would not buy it," says Cindy.

"If I had these in my drawer, I'd still reach for the ole handy," says Valerie.

"I would stick with the classic," says Monica.

So, the Titan itself does an average job. It peels some items better than others, but we'd still choose the ole standby over this. I guess I'll put the injuries aside and say the $15 Titan Peeler barely makes the cut with a low C minus on this Does it Work test.

You can find the Titan at the Kitchen Collections store at the Sikeston Factory Outlets or at the Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart.  We also found it did an average job as a julienne tool.

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