Waitress Returns Found Cash: Rewarded Handsomely

Applebee's waitress, Heidi Tomassi, had just finished serving a man and his family when she returned to the table to pick up her tip, she noticed an envelope had been left on the table by the gentleman. Without opening it up, Tomassi walked it to the office and left it with her manager, saying it was left by a customer and to hold onto it until it is claimed by the rightful owner. The owner called the next morning, correctly identified the $3,300 as his own and picked it up that day. He rewarded Tomassi with $100, and that was just the beginning of a deluge of gifts and donations from complete strangers to Heidi, thanking and acknowledging her for her honesty. The clincher in this story is that Heidi and her husband are in debt $15,000 due to medical bills and other expenses related to the care of their son Griffin, who has a rare heart defect. He was originally given six weeks to live, but has defied the odds and continues to fight four and a half months later. Heidi says this experience has been an answer to prayers and will help she and her husband rid themselves of this debt. In addition to 4 1/2 month Griffin, the couple has a 2-year old daughter, Laney.