No Shortage of Gadgets for the Geek on Your List

Like most things electronic, the coolest computer stuff eventually comes down in price, just in time for Christmas.  In fact, there's so much stuff, I'm gonna bypass the computer games portions entirely -- which is personal preference mostly --  and focus on computer hardware and accessories as gift ideas for this report.

Gone are the days of singing commercials.  Like the rest of the economy, the tech sector is struggling to stay afloat, and that's forcing prices down. 
Ads are full of enticements for shoppers.

Computers with more power than you could even buy a year ago are now selling at about half the price of last year.

Digital cameras, long beyond the reach of the average budget are now more in the $100-to-200 range for a good brand-name.

But for my money, the best buy for the holiday season is a thing that looks like a key fob.  It's 128-megs of hard drive space in a small package, with a U-S-B connector.  It plugs into any computer, and requires no software to install.  It's perfect for the guy on the go, who wants to transfer files between computers.

Flat-screen monitors are still expensive by most people's reckoning, but the 15-inch is selling for $299 at some spots on the internet like  

Ram prices are still dirt cheap -- fastest way to speed up your computer.  Check out  which is a great site for any computer memory needs.

DVD and CD-burners are a practically dime a dozen these days.  

The tech-tv web site breaks down the cost of hi-tech gifts into price categories, it's worth checking out -- as is the and web sites.  Both carry daily specials.

And some say the final place to shop before you buy anywhere else is E-bay -- the world's biggest online marketplace.

And don't forget all the major electronics stores you already know and trust like Best Buy and Circuit City, that also have online web sites you can browse and shop from.