Maxell CD Scratch Repair Kit

Music CD's are pretty tough, but they can get scratched. And scratches mean messed-up music. But a home repair kit may be your answer
It's hard to keep the beat when your CD is scratched. That's where Maxell's CD Scratch Repair Kit comes in. 
"Place the disk label side down on the platform," says Eric Karlish at P Mac's Music in Cape Girardeau.  He's used to identifying problems, and fixing them when possible. "The actual scratch that's giving us the problem is right there. You start with two drops of the mixture and let it dry for 5 minutes." 
"It's going to try to fill in the scratch and bump so the laser goes straight over that," says Eric, who's surprised by how thick the mixture is.  
When the 5 minutes are up, we buff the disk from the inside out. And the mixture spreads easily. 
"You never rub in a circle because that may make more scratches sometimes," explains Eric.
After the paste is all gone, we use the second and final solution. Spray once and polish with a clean cloth. 
"It's dry, so we're ready to go," says Eric as he pops the CD back in the player. But the song skips again.  "Before, where it skipped for 30 seconds in, now it's sticking on 13 and 14 seconds. So it's done something. Maybe if it's done a few times?"
Directions say you may need to use the repair kit a couple of times. So we do.... Following the same process. And after the second time... the music plays fine. "There was a little hickup at 21 seconds, but obviously it's a lot better," Eric says. 
Eric believes the Maxell CD Scratch Repair Kit works as well as any of the other brands. But it did require some extra effort. So for that, the $9 product tops out at a B+.