Storms Topple Steeple at Altenburg Church

By Crystal Britt
PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Damage scattered all throughout Perry County after Friday's storms.  There are a number of downed trees, power lines, and several homes with roof damage.
In Altenburg, the steeple at the Trinity Lutheran Church is hanging by a thread.
It's an unbelievable sight that has brought out a number of spectators.
The church dates back to 1867, and the pastor believes the steeple itself is about 20 years old.
It's scheduled to come down Friday, as crews are expected to bring in a crane to remove it.
Church members and other locals spent their evening carrying hymnals and Bibles out, protecting them from more rain that might be coming in later.
"Several of our members showed up after they got the trees cleared on their properties so they could get out," said Rev. Steven Dressler. "All of our members are safe and we thank God for that.  We're starting from scratch and we know when we meet on Sunday morning, God will be with us."
They won't be having church services at Trinity Lutheran in Altenburg on Sunday.
Right now the plan is to hold those at the gym at the neighboring school.
Also Friday, there was a lot of damage in the neighboring community of Frohna.
There's a home off C Highway that is literally cut in half by a giant tree that uprooted and fell on the home.  There's a sign in the yard that says "For Sale By Owner."  Not good news for those owners, but the home is vacant, so no injuries.
Earlier Friday, when the storm moved through, parts of Perry County lost 911 service.  Heartland News has learned that service is back up and running now, although several people remain without power.