Gary Bierman

Gary Bierman

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

7th and 8th

History/Social Studies


"When he talks about stuff he goes step by step and he makes sure he explains everything."

"I understand a lot of what he says because he connects it to things that are happening now. I feel comfortable with what I have to say in there."

"He is one of the Heartland's Best because he is very kind, very positive, and he is very smart."

"He is fun, helpful, and absolutely loves Social Studies. He helps you learn in a way that gets your attention, and really makes facts stick in your head. He makes us laugh while we learn so we aren't bored stiff!"

"He knows how to tie something new into something we've already learned. We get a lot of hands-on projects."

"Usually everyday he has something funny to say or do. He also gives us Jolly Ranchers if everyone does good on a test."

"When we are reading in the textbooks he goes farther in depth than what the books do."

"In class Mr. Bierman will either be in a good mood or bad mood. When he is in a good mood he flies through subjects. When he is in a bad mood he stays on the subjects and makes lots of points."

"If you fall asleep in class he won't exactly yell at you, just raises his voice and tells you to wake up. I think he is one of the Heartland's Best teachers."

"He is the type of person you can count on."

"He doesn't hold things against you. He'll get mad at you for a while but he won't be mad forever."