Cindy Legrand

Cindy Legrand

St. Augustine in Kelso


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Ms. Legrand wanted us to post this special message of thanks:
"Now I know how actors feel when they forget to thank people that helped them win the oscar. I can't believe I forgot to thank all the parents that took off work to help, all the students and Mrs. Siebert that came on Spring Break to put the books together, Andrea Landewee, the computer teacher, that spent HOURS scanning the pictures and doing the layouts, Kim and Ashley Livingston that bound all 275 books, the 7th and 8th graders that copied the recipes, and finally all the people that helped pay for the printing costs; U.S. Bank(Christine Estes), Joan Drury, Tracy Dumey, Leo Nenninger, and Amy Beussink.  We were able to give over $3,000 to find a cure for cancer! It definately took a village and it was a labor of love from us all."

"My daughter has not only learned the 3-R's but also how to give back to her school and community.  St. Augustine is very blessed to have Ms. Legrand on staff."

"She comes in early and stays late, and always has a smile on her face. The students adore her and would like to give back to her just a small amount of what she has given to them."

"Ms. Legrand gives of herself in a way that I, as a parent, have never seen in a teacher. She works very hard to motivate the students in her class to strive to do their best."

"Ms. Legrand enforeces classroom rules that teach students to be polite and to be good citizens."

"The impact she is having on the lives of our children in immeasurable. The students are learning to give back to the community, respect each other, work hard to achieve goals, and to have FUN while learning."

"Ms. Legrand is always doing new, fun, and exciting things in her classroom. All the children in the school want to be in her class. She is teaching them life lessons that will carry them throughout the rest of their lives."

"She came out of retirement to teach 3rd grade this year and all of her students and their parents are extremely excited."

"She began the school year with an innovative, hands-on, learning experience that would inspire, motivate, and captivate the studens for the entire year."