Kathy Faries

Kathy Faries

Puxico Junior High School


English and Science

"She does really cool experiments in Science. If you don't understand something she will work with you until you understand it. She makes you feel like she is not only your teacher, she is your friend."

"I used to hate school but because of her funny tactics and hard work, I went from a straight C student to a straight A student. I am now competing in competitions and winning thanks to her."

"She will do some kind of crazy thing just to get whatever stuck in your head. You will always remember it."

"She will do anything for you. She rocks! She brightens your day."

"She is the best teacher because she helps us learn while we have fun. She is very nice and awesome!."

"You are never bored in her class. Ms. Faries deserves to be on TV as a Best Teacher. She is awesome!"

"She does stuff off the wall. She would, like get on the ground for sea creatures."

"She is funny but knows when enough is enough."

"She teaches us respect. She is nice, but mean when needed."