YourTurn - 5/4/09

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Chris Wood from Ellsinore, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on the helmet laws) does this same analogy apply to people blinded by not wearing safety glasses or people who ride bikes and horses without helmets?  How about people who are not wearing seat belts or maybe boaters not wearing flotation devices...lets have all our rights and freedom to make our own choices...let those who ride decide."

Joe Keener from Southern Illinois:
"I attended one of our high school board meetings addressing the policy of allowing students with failing grades to participate in after school sports...(be involved) in fine arts projects...and attend dances.  I know now why our world is failing our youth by rewarding the students who don't care about their grades and suppressing the ones that do."

Heartland viewer Brittnie Minks:
"I think we should consider legalizing marijuana...most people I know use it for medical reasons such as depression, pain, stress and also as an appetite could make a profit for the government...if people could grow their own for personal use I believe there would be a lot less one would have to worry about having a dealer."

Mike McWilliams from Dexter, Missouri:
"During the (network) newscasts almost every commercial is for some kind of antidepressant...if you are not depressed before you watch the world news you will be afterwards."

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