More than 75 burglaries unsolved, police get break in case

Sketch of Jackson burglary suspect
Sketch of Jackson burglary suspect
Surveillance video of this red car helped police determine a suspect.
Surveillance video of this red car helped police determine a suspect.

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CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - More than 75 burglaries remain unsolved in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, but a recent break in the case leads investigators to a man they say could be their suspect.
Investigators believe a camera inside an ATM outside Montgomery Bank in Jackson caught a glimpse of the suspect's car as he drove into the parking lot.
After Heartland News aired that surveillance video, police say another piece of the puzzle fell into place.
A sketch was all police had to go on after a Jackson couple reported catching a burglar in the act earlier this month.
The couple told police the man drove away in a small red car, but police say the description gave them a lot to work with.
Jackson police have more than 16 unsolved burglaries on their hands, and Cape Girardeau police have more than 60 cases going all the way back to last October.
You may remember most victims reported thousands of dollars of jewelry missing from their homes.
"Following up on leads led to charges of Mark Lowery on a burglary in Jackson recently where he left in a little red car that was caught on video from an ATM machine," said Sgt. Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.
Investigators in Jackson say Mark Lowery left Missouri soon afterward.
Neighbors at his home off of Big Bend Road in Cape say they spotted a red car parked outside until recently.
Court documents show a Cape Girardeau School Resource Officer told investigators a man called Mark Lowery took his young child out of school, because as the document states, his vehicle was shown on the media.
"He does have a criminal history.  He's been in trouble in the past," said Lt. Rodney Barnes with the Jackson Police Department.
So far though, the burglary and stealing charges only apply to that case in Jackson where the couple allegedly found the suspect inside their home.
"This burglary he's charged with fits the M.O. of all the other burglaries we have had here.  He's definitely someone we're going to look into and decide if charges will be filed," Sgt. Selzer said.
Court documents also show investigators tracked down some stolen rings and a watch to a store in Anna, Illinois.
Those same documents show the owner of that store identified Lowery as the man who sold him those items.
In the meantime, police say you should still protect yourself if you leave home.
If you have any information that might help, call police immediately.

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