19 year old elected as city commissioner in Rosiclare

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

ROSICLARE, IL (KFVS) - On April 7, 2009 the history books in Rosiclare, Illinois were rewritten by voters.   On that day 19-year-old Brett Oxford became the youngest city commissioner ever elected to office in the town's history.
"I've been interested in politics ever since former President George Bush was elected to office," Oxford said. "I grew up in Rosiclare.  I plan on spending the rest of my life here in Rosiclare, and Hardin County.  I just want to gave back the best way I can."
The young politician already has some things he'd like to work on when it comes to improving things around town.
"We've got to find a way to get jobs here in Rosiclare," he said. "At one time this was a booming town with a population over 3000 people now we're down to 1200.  So instead of losing jobs we've got find ways to get jobs.  Exactly how we're going to do that I don't know at this time.  If I knew we'd do it and do it now."
The commissioner also wants to do some improvements on the river walk in the city park.
Many of the citizens who voted for Oxford think he can bring something new to their town that previous leaders haven't been able to do.
"I think he puts a fresh thought on things.  And maybe that's what we need around here.  He can bring a different aspect to it that the older generations can't," said Toni Macedo of Rosiclare.
"I think he can make the town a better place for the younger kids.  There's not much to do around here.  And I think Brett will bring some youthful thing for the kids in town," said Jeanessa Hardin of Rosiclare.
Just a few weeks into his first four-year term and Commissioner Oxford is looking even farther into his political future.
"Yeah I see higher things in my future, hopefully further than Mayor of Rosiclare."

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