Local school changes senior trip because of swine flu

Risco R-2 senior students changed travel plans from Mexico to Jamaica after the swine flu outbreak.
Risco R-2 senior students changed travel plans from Mexico to Jamaica after the swine flu outbreak.

By CJ Cassidy - bio | email

RISCO, MO (KFVS) - The swine flu makes an impact on some southeast Missouri students.
The Risco R-2 students had planned on flying to Mexico for their senior trip but now that's all changed; and they plan on going to Jamaica instead.
Students say changing plans at the last minute because of the swine flu, cost thousands of dollars, but they preferred to pay up for a change of scenery rather than worry about carrying face masks around.
"I was very concerned about the drug wars and everything in Cancun," said Amanda Lalk, but she adds she drew the line at swine flu.
"I was worried not only about my own health and my family's health - I was just really concerned about everything it changed everything. It was really stressful because trip was 12 days away."
"Even before the travel restrictions were put in place we were considering changing destinations," Principal Ron Cross said.
He also explains the school board absorbed the extra cost of changing those travel routes.
"Northwest World Travel is who we booked all this through. They've been somewhat inflexible in terms of working with us on the cost and recognizing the need to make changes," Cross said.
Senior Dillon Hill says he and his nine classmates raised money all year long.  Ironically enough, they even sold barbecued pork.
Now Hill just wants to be able to relax and enjoy himself, even though he had really wanted to see Cancun.
Thankfully, they won't have to change the smiley face marking their departure on the school calendar, to a face with a frown, students like Amanda Lalk say they are now free to worry about other issues.
"This is my first time ever riding on a plane so I'm a little nervous about that," she said.
The students and their chaperones fly out on May 9th and expect to return on the 14th.
They say they will likely remember this senior trip for the rest of their lives, so they plan on making the most of it.

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