Obama speaks to crowd at Fox High School in Arnold

By Associated Press
ARNOLD, Mo. (AP) - President Barack Obama says U.S. aid to other countries isn't only ethical and moral, but that it's sound strategy as well.
At a town hall-appearance in Missouri marking his 100th day in office Wednesday, Obama said he knows foreign aid is very unpopular with the public, especially when there are such pressing needs at home.
But by showing an interest in the well-being of people in other countries, Obama said the United States can meet its national interests.
Obama said that if people in other countries see America spending money on them or sending doctors, teachers and Peace Corps workers to help, for instance, it would be easier to win their support when needed.
President Obama says smart is cool, and he worries the country is losing its love of learning.
Obama was asked about challenges in education and how he'd make things better.
He talked about having quality teachers in classrooms.
But the president said he worries that the country may be giving up on the idea that it's "cool to be smart."
Obama said that parents and communities can help foster that attitude by paying as much attention to science award winners as they do to basketball stars, for instance.
President Obama says it isn't clear whether Chrysler LLC will be able to meet the government's Thursday restructuring deadline.
He urged Chrysler's bondholders to "make sacrifices" to help keep the company out of bankruptcy protection. Obama also said that the automaker's unions have made "enormous sacrifices, enormous sacrifices to try to keep the company going" and it is now up to Chrysler's creditors to do the same.
He will have a 100-day, nationally broadcast news conference in Washington in the evening.
Chrysler has until Thursday to meet the government's restructuring requirements.

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