Police bust meth lab in West Frankfort

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email
WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - What would you do if you found out your neighbors were  making methamphetamine?  That's the situation folks in one West Frankfort neighborhood are dealing with.
The home at 1305 East Oak Street is where police say they found an active meth lab,  in a neighborhood where families live and children play.
"I've got a 16-month-old baby. And I'm glad they took care of it because I didn't really want him around it or growing up around it. So I'm glad they were able to bust them,"said Keith Kemery of West Frankfort.
Now a warning sign is posted on the front door of the house telling anyone who may enter about the possible dangers still lurking inside.
Neighbors are reeling from what police say they found going on in the house Saturday night.
"We've got a wonderful neighborhood there's a ton of kids that live in this neighborhood.  And I don't believe in that at all.  And when I heard that it blew my mind, because I don't want my kids around that at all," said Whitney Morgan of West Frankfort.
Police say those who lived near the house did have reason to worry about their own safety.
"I wouldn't say that the situation at that point was where people would think it's going to detonate and level a block. That's not what we were looking at there," said West Frankfort's Chief of Police Jeff Tharp. "But it could've been where the house would've gone up in flames and that could've spread to existing neighbors structures in the block.  It's a very volatile situation anytime you're manufacturing methamphetamine."
Now no one is allowed to live in the house.  The city placed a 'no occupancy' order on the home.
Police have charged three men they found inside the house with manufacturing methamphetamine.
They are 41-year-old Carl Darnell, 26-year-old Carl Bible and 19-year-old Ian Morgan all of West Frankfort.   A juvenile female was also arrested and charged with methamphetamine production.

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