Schoolyard fight lands teacher, husband in trouble

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PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A Paducah teacher and her husband find themselves in trouble with the law after a school yard fight.
It took place last weekend, outside McNabb Elementary off Park Avenue.
Police reports say it started when the couple's child got tackled during a game of tackle football.
The report says the child ran home to his parents, and then they showed up at the playground.
Eye witnesses say that's when things got ugly.
"The teacher's husband ran out on the parking lot with his truck and ran up on the grass and looked like he was going to try and run the kids over, but his truck stuck in the sand," James Scott said.
The Paducah man remembers watching from his driveway in horror as he waited for Wallace McCoy Senior to allegedly make his next move.
"He jumped out with a shotgun and started waving it around," he said.
McCoy's wife, Kem Brown-McCoy, faces assault charges for allegedly hitting another woman with a baseball bat after grabbing it out of her son's hands.
Paducah School Superintendent Randy Green says he's very troubled by the incident.

Brown-Mccoy has taught at the school for 11 years.  She's since been suspended with pay.

"I think her license to teach should be suspended for life. I don't think anyone put in charge of children should ever be able to do anything like this and be allowed to come back to work," Scott said.
Scott says he debated whether to send his children back to McNabb Elementary; and he's just glad police showed up when they did.
"I thought something bad was going to happen, especially when that guy jumped out with a shotgun. I thought some kids were going to be killed."
Wallace McCoy Senior faces charges of wanton endangerment and possession of a weapon on school property.
The couple has bonded out of jail, but they weren't at their home today when Heartland News went by to speak with them.
The Paducah School superintendent sasy he will decide what to do, after he speaks with Brown-McCoy in person.

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