Swine Flu confirmed in US - Countries prepare for outbreak

WASHINGTON (AP) - World governments racing to find and contain pockets of swine flu face both the threat of a pandemic and public panic.
The virus is suspected in up to 103 deaths in Mexico.
Most other countries are reporting only mild cases so far and travelers are being screened.
Spain has reported its first confirmed case today and says another 17 people are suspected of having the virus. New Zealand reports a second group of teenagers just back from Mexico showed signs of the disease.
The European Union health commissioner is advising Europeans to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico and the U.S.
Germany's largest holiday tour operator is suspending all flights to Mexico City.
And the head of the European Commission has called for a meeting of EU health ministers.
The World Bank says it will send Mexico $25 million in loans for immediate aid.

National Information

The CDC is actively investigating isolated human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) in several states (CA, TX, OH, KS, NY) and is working closely with Canada and Mexico and with the WHO. The CDC is continuously updating investigation information.
As with any infectious disease, CDC recommends that people should take everyday preventive actions.
Read the WHO report.
Acting HHS Secretary declares a Public Health Emergency nationwide involving Swine Influenza A. Press Release


Nothing on their home page. They do provide a link to a national 2005 HHS Pandemic Infuenza Plan: