Grass growing, but lawn care business isn't

By Crystal Britt - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - This is typically a very busy time of year for lawn care services, but this year things are a bit slower.
Greg Klund of Cape Girardeau enjoys taking care of his lawn.  
"We like to do it. Take pride in it like anything else," said Klund. 
He does the work on his own.
"I used to actually pay someone to come and put fertilizer and things like that out, but it started to get expensive," he said.  
His neighbors use a company called Elite Development out of Cape Girardeau.
The owner tells Heartland News business is "okay".
Bruce Baker says things haven't been as good as season's before, but they're managing.  

Mike Morris owns Morris Lawn and Garden in Marble Hill.  He's been in business since 1989.

"I think if you do good quality work you shouldn't have anything to worry about," said Mike Morris. 

He says Spring is his busiest time.  His company mostly does landscaping work, but they stay busy with lawn care too.

"So far I haven't had any downfalls, it's been steady," Morris said. "Been really busy and hope it keeps up."
A lot of customers who use the service either don't have time, or can't physically do the work any longer.    
"We're out here in the yard at least three days a week," said Bill Dacus of Cape Giradeau.

Bill and Sally Dacus do their own work.  You would think professionals worked on their lawn.

"It's a never ending battle you gotta kill the dandelions in the Spring, and in the Fall.  If you decide to skip one season, you'll have them the next," said Bill Dacus. "We mow about every four to five days.  We fertilize every couple months."
It's proof it can be done, if you like to sweat.
The Dacus' initially thought they'd save by doing it themselves, but "I don't think we save any money. As a matter of fact we probably spend more money as much as we like to dabble in the yard," said Dacus. 

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