YourTurn - 4/27/09

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Amanda Long from Dexter, Missouri:
"I think it is great that (Mike Smythe's ViewPoint) brought up parents monitoring (internet usage) for their teenagers...parents most likely are going to see something they don't like but remember you are monitoring for safety not gossip."

Linda Harris from Cape Girardeau:
"I am appalled at the audacity of some lawyers in our community.  They peruse the court dockets and then send out post cards reminding a person that they have an upcoming court date and offer their help.  Is business so bad for lawyers these days that they have to solicit (customers) in this manner?  I resent this type of advertising."

Tom Carr from Marion, Illinois:
"The GM Volt (see photo) - Zero Emissions??  If you plug it into an electrical outlet this car will be responsible for the emissions from the power plant which produced the electricity that supplies that charge. Tree huggers have been embracing this method of pushing propaganda for years. As a result, I can't buy gasoline that isn't 10% corn. It is now the law.  Never mind the fact that for every gallon of ethanol we have to burn ¾ gallon of diesel fuel to plant, reap, and deliver that corn to the processing facility. That fact is outside the panacea that the tree huggers want to promote."

Katie Hawthorn from Fredericktown, Missouri:
"I agree with the gentleman who commented on YourTurn concerning taxes on smokers.  I am not a smoker but it does seem stupid and unfair to tax tobacco users to no end when alcohol is not touched.  Tobacco kills the smoker but nonsmokers can make the choice to be around it or not.  Drunks are killing innocent people (in traffic)everyday...why isn't there as much interest to get alcohol out of harm's way as there is on taxing tobacco."

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