Windex All-in-One Outdoor Cleaner: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - If you've ever washed windows before, you know it can be daunting, but with this product you don't even have to wipe the suds away.  Windex All-in-One Outdoor Cleaning Kit comes with a pole and one pad.  Just rinse your windows first, apply the Windex-soaked cleaning pad, and wash away.  Still, BJ and Lisa McArthur of Jackson think this may be too good to be true.
Lisa attaches the included pole and velcros on the Windex cleaning pad.  Next, you get the pad wet, rinse your windows and then start sudsing.  The kit claims it can wash up to 20 windows, and you'd better be ready to do all 20 at once, because you're not supposed to let the cleaning pad dry. Now, let's rinse..
"That side looks ok," says Lisa.
We'll let it dry though before making the final call and move onto another window on the back side of the McArthur's home.
"It's just too tall to wash these windows all of the time," says Lisa.
She says she hardly ever cleans these windows because it's just not handy to do so.  She normally uses a ladder, but with the Windex pole and pad, she can stand on the retaining wall and still clean her window, which she's very happy about.  Plus, the pad's holding up well..
"Yeah, it still has a lot of soap still," she says.
She rinses the suds away, and likes what she sees so far.  However, when we go back to the picture window out front where things are dry, the results start to change a bit.
One window looks clean and clear, but another right next to it has a little residue left behind as it dries.  To be sure, Lisa cleans the inside of the home, just to make sure we're not seeing double here, but in the end....
"I like the pole,  but I still  have to rinse and wash again on some of the windows," she notes.
True...the window does sparkle after she wipes it clean, but that defeats the purpose of this new product, which promises you won't need paper towels for drying again.
Still, the McArthurs say it's not a total bust for Windex. After all, the back windows dried quite nicely, even on a cloudy day, with no streaks.
"Would you buy this?" I ask Lisa.
"For the pole, yes," she says.
"If you have windows up high, you definitely want this.  No worries about ladder but on the ones you can reach, use newspaper and vinegar still," says BJ.
The starter kit costs around $14. You get the pole and one cleaning pad. The two-pad refill pack costs $5.
"C plus because it didn't get everything off, if it had a squeegee, it might be better," says BJ.
We're not beaming over this new kit, but it does have some shine to it.  When the suds clear, it gets an a better than average C plus on this Does it Work test.  I bought the kit at Wal-Mart.
*****I also bought a refill kit on my own to use on my home's windows.  The pad lasted for all the windows on my home and looked like it could clean a few more.  I really liked it, but did wipe clean a few windows on the front to get rid of streaks.  I'd buy it for convenience though.

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