Remembering Columbine : Ten Years Later

By CJ Cassidy - bio | email
VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - Most of us probably remember watching the attack on Columbine unfold live on national television.
For former newspaper owner and publisher Don Sanders in Vienna, it was a tragedy he would never forget.
His 47-year-old brother David, was the only teacher killed.  That's after he ran towards the gunfire to make sure his students were safe.
"He was the type that was going to protect the students first and his efforts probably became ingrained in a lot of teachers," Don said.
David Sanders died despite the efforts of his students to save his life, even as they hid from the two killers.
His brother believes the massacre helped shape the way police react to emergencies today.
"I think some of the policies and procedures they use now have and will continue to save lives as compared to what happened then," he said. "They weren't used to it, they didn't know how to react possibly, not trying to run them down, but they waited and waited for SWAT teams and they went running room to room. Now the procedure is to take out the bad people first."
At the time, Don Sanders published a column about his brother in the front page of The Vienna Times.
The article brings David to life for the reader, and also highlights a lesson Don himself learned.
"The one thing I began to appreciate from that happening was the way the people in small communities, especially this one, the way they treated the situation and the way they were there if we needed for anything," he said.

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