New Weapon in Fight Against Drunk Drivers

By Crystal Britt - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A local family impacted by drunk driving speaks out about police efforts in St. Charles County. 
Police in one Missouri county take what you might consider extreme measures to crack down on drunk drivers.
Thursday night dozens of officers in St. Charles County held what they called "no refusal" check points to check impaired drivers. 
Those refusing a breath test could be subject to on the spot court orders for blood tests.
It's believed this is a first of its kind approach in Missouri.
Not everyone is happy about the method as it's raising civil liberties concerns.
But, one local family says it just might work and help keep other families from living the nightmare they've experience for more than two decades.  
Loretta Wilson of Oak Ridge can still vividly remember a conversation she had with her daughter Cathy 21 years ago.
"She said, mom I've got something special to tell you, but I can't tell you until this evening," said Loretta. 
Loretta never found out what was on her 21-year-old daughter's mind as she never came home that night.
"They told us Cathy had been killed by a drunk driver," said Loretta. 
On November 5, 1988 Cathy Wilson was on her way to beauty school around 7:00 in the morning when her parents say a truck headed right toward her.
"She got over in the ditch on her side of the road. He was straddling the ditch on her side of the road when he hit her. She had tire prints in her face from his front tire," said Charles Wilson. 
"The only thing I could hold on to is she was killed instantly," said Loretta. 
The Wilson's say the man who hit her was still drunk from partying.
"He'd been out all night," said Charles Wilson.  
They've become advocates over the years working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and speaking out when they can.
"You want them stopped and want them caught, but you know you can't do but so much," said Loretta. 
Police in St. Charles County are trying something new as they're planning to get on the spot court orders for blood tests for those under suspicion of drunk driving who say no to a breath test.
"I don't want to be cruel, but at the same time when you lose a loved one, they're gone," said Loretta.
"If you don't have anything to hide, it shouldn't be any big problem," said Charles. 
"It's just a cruel world out there, but it's cruel when they get in there and start drinking and get under the steering wheel and take off, because we're down there on that road too," said Loretta.

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