Jackson police have lead in jewelry burglaries

Associated Press - April 15, 2009 10:04 AM ET

JACKSON, Mo. (AP) - For months, police in the neighboring southeast Missouri towns of Cape Girardeau and Jackson have been puzzled by a series of break-ins where the thieves stole jewelry. Now, they may have their first solid lead.

Jackson police have released a composite sketch of a suspect, after a resident surprised a burglar on Friday. The suspect took jewelry and got away in a small red car.

Since last fall, police have been investigating a string of burglaries with a similar pattern. The break-ins occur soon after victims have left their homes, with a rock or other object used to break through a window or door. The thieves concentrate on jewelry and sometimes steal cash.

Cape Girardeau police have recorded more than 50 burglaries that fit the pattern, Jackson 10 to 15.

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