YourTurn - 4/13/09

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Donna Wilfong  from Jackson, Missouri:
"As a person whose life has been touched by gun violence more than once, I have had a lot of time to think about (guns)...guns mean death.  Death for a skeet, an animal, or a person.  When a police officer shoots a person, even a ‘bad' person,  they have to deal with the emotional stress of killing another human being...where is the justice in a good Samaritan sitting behind bars when ‘oops the court didn't find just cause for me to use deadly force'?"

Jim Gillum from Mayfield, Kentucky:
"With all the increases in tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products that have smokers in a fuss, why is it that alcoholic products don't carry the same high tax increases.  I am well aware of the health cost of using tobacco (but) there is a much higher cost for all of the (problems) connected with alcohol use...(also) I like Mike Smythe's ViewPoint even when I don't agree with him."

Jason Lawless from Cape Girardeau:
"It is my belief that BEFORE the State of Missouri builds or resurfaces any more roads they should be forced to learn HOW to build a road that will last.  If we continue to patch and piece the roads back together we are simply throwing good money after bad."

Heartland viewer Richard Marshall:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on Psychics) I think most psychics are bad and scam people for money and serve no purpose but GREED!  I do think there are a few who really view this as a gift and wish to help as much as they today's world you have to protect yourself against everyone but also understand than not everyone is bad."

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