City of Paducah announces 14 layoffs

By Heartland News
PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The city of Paducah announces it's laying off 14 people.
The layoffs are a result of an "operational efficiency and reorganization plan" after projected revenue shortfalls and mandated increases in expenses, according to Pam Spencer, public information officer for the city.
The city must trim $2.5 to 3.5 million from its general fund budget.
The city will lose an additional 19 positions either by leaving vacant positions unfilled or by attrition.
Part of the reorganization includes combining the Human Resources Department and the Finance Department and the Public Works Department and the Engineering Department.  The Human Resources Director and Public Works Director positions will be eliminated.  
The City of Paducah is in its first stages of an operational efficiency and reorganization plan.  The plan is necessary due to projected revenue shortfalls and mandated increases in expenses for the next fiscal year.  The City must trim $2.5-3.5 million from its General Fund budget.  With 71 percent of the City's budget allocated to personnel, the City has been forced to reduce its number of positions.  The operational efficiency plan will be explained to the public and will be before the Commission for a vote on April 14, 2009. 
City Manager, Jim Zumwalt, distributed the following announcement Thursday to city employees:

City Employees:

Ever since we met together and I reported to you the projected impact of the recession on Paducah, many of you have been worrying: "Will I lose my job?"

Over the last two days Department Managers and I have visited with 14 employees and advised them that their jobs will be eliminated and they will be discharged when the Commission meets next Tuesday.

I have now completed all of those visits.

I apologize for the days of worry that this process has caused many of you.

There is no guarantee that no additional City employee will lose his or her job, but my goal was to "cut once and deeply" so that the City can get through whatever the rest of the recession brings to us without additional layoffs.  I do not expect that I will be coming to visit any of you to tell you that your job is being eliminated.

We will have additional budget cuts.  As employees leave the city for reasons of their own, we will leave some positions unfilled and reduce our number of employees by attrition.  As we work with the City Commission on the FY2010 budget, the Commission will consider reductions in operating costs, employee benefits, payments to City Commissions, and subsidized agencies, etc. 

At Tuesday's Commission Meeting I will make a public presentation of all of the changes we are making.  After the meeting we will make copies of the changes available to all City employees.

Thank you for your continued work and support through this difficult transition.



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