Advance, Miner residents learn every vote counts

By CJ Cassidy - bio | email
(KFVS) - If you didn't cast your vote in Tuesday's election, you may wish you did after seeing some of the unofficial results Wednesday.
Some races turned out to be tied, others close enough for candidates to ask for a recount.
City leaders in places like Advance and Miner say it's hard to figure out an exact reason for the close races.  Some of the people Heartland News spoke with say the close votes are forcing them to look at their own voting habits.
The hot topic at lunch at Sam's diner in Advance revolves around Tuesday's mayoral elections.
"I don't ever remember it being this close," said Brandon Mculroy of Advance.  "It's usually within fifty or 100 different votes."
The official numbers in the race for mayor this time came in at 135 for incumbent Mayor James Harnes and 133 for opponent Clifford Wagoner.
County leaders say either candidate can ask for a recount but it's up to city leaders to decide if they want to pay for it.
"I think every vote is important," City Clerk Linda Weissenborn.  "I really feel like if you're concerned about your city or your small town, you need to get out and vote." 
"I vote. I like the president we got elected and I like the mayor," Margaret Woodfin said.
Others who didn't cast a ballot say they didn't realize one or two votes could make a difference.
"We've got the same mayor we've had for 30 or 40 years," Dale Cahow said.
In Miner, the race for Alderperson in Ward One tied at 85 votes each.
Deloris Smith and Cindy Cole can now call for a re-election.
"If they want something simpler like flip a coin they can say look you got it," Ellen Davies with the City of Miner explains.  "Generally that doesn't happen though." 
Those unofficial numbers now bother voters like Sarah Gates who did not cast her ballot.
"I think I probably should have voted," she said.
It's an answer her father who voted says simply isn't good enough.
"I try to teach her right and wrong.  She should be voting," Edward Gates said.
Sarah Gates says if there is another election for Alderperson, she won't hesitate in heading to the polls.
Of course a new election would cost the city money, and that's something they always hope to avoid.

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