Salvation Army Letter

Dear Ann Landers:
I am part of the National Disaster Medical system and have been deployed to New York three times since the attacks last September. Each day that we worked, a bus brought the medical workers into the city at 7:00 a.m. and took us back at 7:00 p.m.

Every time we arrived at the medical examiner's office, we were greeted with a hot breakfast, hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and the smiling, supportive faces of the Salvation Army volunteers. Through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these volunteers worked tirelessly to feed the hundreds of volunteers of the many agencies working in the city.

These people always took the time to ask, "Where are you from?" and "Have you called home since you've been here?" They made sure we had access to a calling card and encouraged all of us to call home. There was a chaplain available for those who felt the need to talk. I will be back in New York shortly, and I know I can count on these volunteers to be there.

My hat is off to the Salvation Army, not only for what they have done for me, but for what they are still doing. I will never pass another bell ringer without placing money in that red kettle.

Grateful In Idaho

Dear Idaho:
Thank you for letting my readers know how wonderful the Salvation Army volunteers are. And my thanks to you and to the other volunteers who are still working hard in New York. Bless you all.

(P.S. to my readers: There's no reason to wait until the holidays to donate to the Salvation Army. Do it today.)