YourTurn - 4/6/09

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Carrie Stinnett from New Madrid, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint about Psychics) I agree with him to some point.  I don't believe in psychics charging for so-called readings.  But there are some who have the ‘True Gift'...if you have the gift don't abuse it.  Give it as a gift."

Rod Lipe from Cape Girardeau:
"I couldn't agree more with Mike Smythe about the helmet law...when you ask someone that rides a motorcycle they always say the same thing, that a helmet takes away their freedom...the NO HELMET LAW is stupid and anyone that says it is OK does not have the good sense that God gave us!  Good Job, Mike on your (ViewPoint).

Phil and Tammy Heath of Harrisburg, Illinois:
"We feel the employees of AIG should be taxed 100% to 200% on the bonuses they received.  They would gladly return it back to the government."

Bonny McPherson from Carterville, Illinois:
"If Mike Smythe is so upset about the waste of trees from ultra-soft toilet paper why doesn't he (discuss) all the unnecessary telephone books being delivered every six weeks  to the (thousands) of homes in the KFVS12 viewing area...this is a real waste of trees and paper."

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