Follow the Great Moonbuggy Race

By Heartland News
HUNTSVILLE, AL (KFVS) - Local students from Murray State Univerity and Southern Illinois University are participating in NASA's 16th annual Great Moonbuggy Race Friday and Saturday.
More than 75 student teams from 21 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, India and Romania will race their lightweight, two-person buggies over a three-quarter-mile course of sand, gravel pits, simulated lunar craters and other obstacles, according to NASA.
Students are required to design a vehicle that addresses a series of engineering problems that are similar to problems faced by the original Moonbuggy team that developed the first lunar roving vehicle for use on the moon in the early 1970s.

Students, their families, friends and classmates can follow the Great Moonbuggy Race on Facebook and Twitter.

Users can log on to those sites and search under "Moonbuggy." NASA will send Twitter updates throughout the race, including finishing times for each team.