Storms, Schemes & Fraud New onThe Breakfast Show

Good Morning!

It's Thursday, April 2nd and it looks like we're all going to get wet today.
This morning Laura Wibbenmeyer is filling in for Brian and she's telling me the day may start out nice - but be ready for some afternoon rain and even some strong storms. You can always keep an eye on our radar any time of the day by going to the StormTeam home page.
Live on The Breakfast Show today - we're talking about why it's a bad idea to get a real bunny or chick for children. It's a real problem that area shelters deal with every year once the cuteness of the baby bunny or chick wears off. We've got a group of 6th graders from Advance joining Lauren live on set this morning after 6 a.m. To educate us all on why it's a bad idea.
This morning on The Breakfast Show we have some very serious stories to update. A baby that investigators say was abused in a Sikeston home has passed away. We're also learning of a local school employee who has pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges involving money from his school district. And there is also a new story this morning about a money order scheme being investigated in Massac County - this involves more than $600,000 worth of money orders that were supposed to be passed out!
There are also some other new stories we're talking about this morning ... like a new device that'll make sure anyone having their vehicle repossessed can't steal it back! There's also an update on an effort in Illinois to make texting while driving illegal - the bill just passed the house and now moves on to the senate. We're also talking about a new procedure this morning to get rid of spider veins - something a lot of people deal with.
And in case you did not hear - the producers of Guiding Light have announced it will go off the air in September.

Quick facts about this show:
- It has had a 57-year run on CBS.
- During that time, it won 69 Daytime Emmy Awards.
- The show actually started as a 15-minute serial on NBC Radio in 1937, so it's been around for 72 years in all.

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Duncan Phenix
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