Sears customers grow impatient after four month wait on order

By Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's been four months and counting. 
Imagine buying something on the day after Thanksgiving, and still that Black Friday purchase is not yours.
That's exactly what happened to Sears customers in some parts of the country, and right here at home.
Sears advertised back in November for a $599 washer/dryer set. The original price was $1299.
Customers thought the sale was too good to be true, and they're starting to think that might be the case.
"I've been waiting four months, it's been very frustrating," said Norma Glenn of East Cape Girardeau.
Glenn says she sent her husband out on Black Friday to Sears Grand to buy something she says they desperately need.
"I did need it," said Glenn. "I've needed it the last four months."
She's ready to get rid of her old washer/dryer set in the basement.
The new set wasn't ready the day after Thanksgiving.
Norma Glenn says Sears managers told her the set would be hers in February.
Meanwhile, she hired someone to get a room upstairs ready for the new appliances.
She says February came and went...then March...still nothing.
"I've waited and waited and waited, still waiting," said Glenn. 
"I truly apologize for the inconvenience," said Cape Sears Grand General Manager Sandra Jewell. "I put myself in the customers situation. I want all of my customers happy."

Jewell talks about the Black Friday sale that turned out to be too successful as there was not enough supply to meet demand.

"It was a wonderful sale, and I would have to say even though they had to wait this long it was a great deal," said Jewell. "It is still a great deal."
Eric Harris of Burfordville also headed out on the day after Thanksgiving.
He though went for a $999 washer/dryer deal.
He says he waited until February, then wanted some answers.
"I was told I wasn't even getting my washer and dryer because Samsung wasn't holding up to their end of the contract and there wasn't going to be anymore washers and dryers manufactured for me," said Harris. "I was told to take my money back or the two comparables they had which didn't compare."
He had already bought the same set though at Lowes for about $700 more.
"I had to buy that because we were tired of taking our clothes to the laundry mat," said Harris. 
He's now filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.
"I'll never step foot back and buy another things from them ever again," said Harris.
Heartland News has learned concerns with other customers like Eric Harris from the Cape Girardeau store have been solved.
The remaining hang ups are over the $599 deals.
"We're doing all we can to fulfill all the orders and get them in a timely matter," said Jewell. "That hasn't happened that way. However, they're doing the best they can to fulfill the orders."
Some customers, however, have just about had it.
"I'd never get involved in another mess like that," said Norma Glenn.  
Store Manager Sandra Jewell says shipments of the washer and dryer sets like what Norma Glenn bought should arrive at the Cape store on April 7th and April 20th.
She's really crossing her fingers, and says if any customer caught up in this has any questions to call her directly at (573) 339-6800.
Jewell says the customers could get their money back if they don't want to wait any longer.