Baby at the center of abuse case dies

By Heartland News

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The Sikeston Department of Public Safety tells Heartland News that the little boy at the center of a child abuse case has died.

Prosecutors accuse Kevin Dixon of throwing his girlfriend's baby against a wall and dropping him on the floor.
Dixon now faces a murder charge.
According to court documents, Dixon told police the baby would not stop crying, and that irritated him.
It's the kind of explanation that does not seem to make a lot of sense to the victim's family or the suspect's mother.
They spoke exclusively with Heartland News Wednesday.
"I don't know why he would do such a thing like that," Patrick Ellis said.
He's eight-month-old Jamieon Mosby's cousin, and he says he imagine anyone hurting the little boy.
"The baby's quiet. He don't even cry," Ellis said.
According to court documents, Dixon told police the baby's crying irritated him.
That's when he's accused of dropping Jamieon on his head, putting him on top of a refrigerator, that he fell off of, and throwing him against a wall.
Court papers say Jamieon struck his head, back and other parts of his body on the wall.
Then Dixon "decided to feed him another sippy cup of milk and once he began feeding him Jamieon quit breathing and began choking."
"He's the one called 911," said Linda Scott, Dixon's mother. "If he'd done something to the baby why would he call 911?"
Even after she was showed the court papers citing her son's admission to police, she told says she just doesn't buy it.
"I don't believe that," Scott said. "That doesn't even sound like my son. Kevin would not hurt no baby."
Doctors told police they found a break in the baby's pubic bone, three fractures on his skull, and severe swelling on the brain resulting in near brain death.
Jamieon's mother, Sophia Mosby, sits at her son's side at a St. Louis hospital.
She says her baby comes first and that she now knows "you can't trust everybody with your kids."
It's a sentiment echoed by her cousin who hopes to see little Jamieon recover from his injuries.
"I think this is a like a wakeup call for every young female, whoever got kids," Ellis said. "Just be more careful."
Court papers also show the baby's mother admits to coming home about a month ago, and finding Dixon holding a pillow over her baby's face and a sock stuffed in Jamieon's mouth.
She told police she knew she should have reported the incident, but she refused to comment on it when asked about it.
Kevin Dixon was taken to the Scott County Jail on $100,000 cash only bond.