Worms - Weather & Does it Work - This morning on The Breakfast Show

Good Evening!

OK .. Good morning .. I thought I'd get my really lame
April Fool's joke out of the way - the rest of what I'm writing is really happening today.

Have you heard about the
Conficker worm? It's not something in your garden - it's a computer virus called a worm - because it can quietly slither into your computer at home or work and live there for a long time without you knowing about it. And there is good and bad news about this worm.

Heartland News also has information at
kfvs12.com this morning.

Bad news first - it may or may not become active today (
click here to find out what it might do) ... you may also see various fake alerts today - remember it's April 1st.

Good news - you can easily get rid of it. If you have up-to-date antivirus software you're probably fine - but probably a good idea to run an update and scan just in case. You can also go directly to
this Microsoft page and download their fix.

If you or anyone you know does run into trouble to with this worm - if you are able to please let our newsroom know about it either through e-mail
news@kfvs12.com or call the newsroom at 573-335-1212.

In other news this morning - President Obama is already halfway through his first day in London. This morning he met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and held a joint news conference.

weather - not much to say today - it's going to be a great spring day! Enjoy it!

And of course - it's
Does it Work Wednesday. Today Lauren is testing the Instant Egg Peeler. You'll see her test for the first time this morning around 6:15.

So enjoy the day and go easy on your co-workers with April Fools jokes.. or at least share them with us! Do you have a great joke or prank? E-mail us now at
breakfastshow@kfvs12.com and we may read some of them on-air today.

Thanks again for checking in with The Breakfast Show!

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
KFVS - Heartland News