High demand for ammo, guns

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A high demand for ammunition and guns has gun shops and suppliers scrambling to meet the need.
Ammunition is flying off shelves sometimes faster than the suppliers can make it.
Several gun shops workers in the area say folks are worried after recent crimes in the community and about the possibility of new regulations on weapons.
It's causing a big case of high demand and short supply.
The cash register stays busy ringing up purchases for ammunition at Shooter's Gun Shop in Cape Girardeau.
Store manager Rowdy Enderle says they're selling twice as much ammo as this time last year.
"We got some ammo in yesterday and it's already gone," Enderle said. 
Some guns and ammo are nearly impossible to find like small self-defense pistols and .380 caliber ammunition.
Many customers say they've noticed the short supply.
"Prices have gone up quite a bit here recently," said Dennis Carron of Perryville speaking of ammunition prices in general.
Some folks even drive from St. Louis or Memphis to Cape for supplies.
Suppliers just can't keep up and gun shops like Shooters are bringing in ammo from South Korea and Mexico.
"We just talked to a powder manufacturer and the next 150,000 pounds of powder they make is sold already," Enderle said.
Gun shop managers say crime and a new administration are two big reasons for the demand.
"We had several preachers come in and buy handguns to protect their churches after that church shooting in Illinois," Enderle said. 
He says sales skyrocketed after a Cape Girardeau woman shot and killed a man in October who was accused of breaking into her home and raping her.
Many local gun shops owners also say a fear of new regulation on assault weapons from the Obama administration is driving people to stock up on ammunition and self-defense handguns.
"People are just scared of basically what this administration is going to do," Enderle said.  "He (President Obama) hasn't really talked real tough on guns, but some of the other members of his administration have."
"Last couple of years with the recent lobbyists against the second amendment right now, a lot of people are trying to stock up just so they make sure they're not trying to take away all our rights," Carron said.
Enderle says he doesn't foresee see a drop off in sales anytime too soon.
While the new administration hasn't instituted a ban on certain weapons, Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Obama administration would be in favor of reinstituting the ban on the sale of assault weapons.